Patio Pots & Hanging Baskets
Here is a listing of some of our Patio Pots & Hanging Baskets. Note we do custom orders by Price Point as well. Please ask us about this. 

Patio Pots can be made to order and in most any size. Here is a general listing of sizes. Please note when ordering let us know what colors you like and if plant will be in morning sun, shade or afternoon sun.
10" Gerbera 
10" mixed annulas 
15" Memorial Day Planter (spike, Geraniums mix of 6 pack annuals in an oval planter) 
10" Memorial Day Planter mix of annuals in oval planter 
6" Memorial day Planter mix of annulas 
10" Braided Hibiscus 
12" patio Geranium 
12" mixed annuals 
12" Mixed coleus 
14" mixed annuals 
16" mixed annuals 
18" mixed annuals 

Hanging Baskets 10"(3 prong) 12" (4prong)
Choices are as follows

10"Acalypha Pendula Chenille
10"Bacopa Calypso Jumbo Deep Lavender
10"Bacopa Calypso Jumbo Pink Eye
10"Bacopa Calypso Jumbo White
10"bacopa mix (pink, white, lavender)
10"Begonia Strawberry
10"Begonia, Fragrant falls, Bossa nova, dragon wing, AH,  
       waterfall, illumination, non stop, summer wings, 
       I'conia, canary wings
10"bidens gonzales
10"bridal veil 
10"Cali Tiktok Rose
10"Cali Volcano Neon
10"calibrachoa aloha kona dark red
10"calibrachoa aloha kona hot orange
10"Calibrachoa Cabrio Amethyst
10"Calibrachoa Cabrio Eclipse Lilac
10"Calibrachoa Cabrio Grape
10"Calibrachoa Cabrio Sweet Peach
10"Calibrachoa Calitastic Aubergine Star
10"Calibrachoa Calitastic Mango
10"Calibrachoa Calitastic Plumberry Pop
10"Calibrachoa Calitastic Pumpkin Spice
10"Calibrachoa Candy Shop Candy Crush
10"Calibrachoa Candy Shop Grape Splash Imp.
10"Calibrachoa Chameleon Indian Summer
10"Calibrachoa Chameleon Tart Deco
10"Calibrachoa Million Bells Butter Pop
10"Calibrachoa S-bell Cardinal Star
10" Calibrachoa S-bell Coral Sun
10"Calibrachoa S-bell Dbl Blue
10"Calibrachoa S-bell Dbl Ruby
10"Calibrachoa S-bell Double Orange
10"Calibrachoa S-bell Lemon Slice
10"Calibrachoa S-bell Pink
10"Calibrachoa S-bell Yellow
10"Dipladenia Sundenia Coral
10"Dipladenia Sundenia Red
12"ferns boston 
10"Fuchsia Dark Eyes (Trailing)
10"Fuchsia Lambada (Trailing)
10"Fuchsia New Millenium (Trailing)
10"Fuchsia Pink Marshmallow (Trailing)
10"Fuchsia Southgate (Trailing)
10"Fuchsia Swingtime (Trailing)
10"Fuchsia Windchimes Basket Dark Eyes
10" Fuchsia Mixed
10"Geranium Calliope Med Burgundy
10"Geranium Calliope Med Cherry
10"Geranium Calliope Med Dark Pink
10"Geranium Calliope Med Red
10"Geranium Calliope Medium Crimson Flame
10"Geranium Calliope Medium Dark Red
10"Geranium Calliope Medium Hot Rose
10"Geranium Calliope Medium Pink Flame
10"Geranium Calliope Medium Scarlet
10"Geranium Calliope Medium Violet
10"Geranium Calliope Medium White
10"Geranium Ivy Dandy Deep Red Mex
10"Geranium Ivy Dandy Merlot Mex
10"Geranium Ivy League Arctic Red(Freestyle)
10"Geranium Ivy League Burgundy
10"Geranium Ivy League Burgundy Bicolor
10"Geranium Ivy League Cherry Blossom
10"Geranium Ivy League Deep Pink
10"Geranium Ivy League Hot Coral (Temprano)
10"Geranium Ivy League Light Lavender
10"Geranium Ivy League Orchid
10"Geranium Ivy League Red
10"Geranium Ivy League Salmon(Temprano)
10"Geranium Ivy League White
10"Geranium Patriot Orange
10"Geranium Patriot Rosalinda
10"Geranium Patriot Watermelon
10"Geranium Zonal Americana Dark Salmon
10"Impatiens N. Guinea
10"Impatiens Rockapulco Coral Reef
10"Impatiens Rockapulco Orange
10"Impatiens Rockapulco Purple
10"Impatiens Rockapulco Red
10"Impatiens Rockapulco Rose
10"Impatiens Rockapulco Wisteria
10"impatiens singles 
10"Lantana Bandana Cherry Sunrise
10"Lantana Bandolero Guava
10"Lantana Confetti
10"Lantana Gem Compact Orange Fire
10"Lantana Gem Compact Pink Opal
10"Lantana Gem Ruby
10"Lantana Hot Blooded Red
10"Lantana Luscious Berry Blend
10"Lantana Luscious Royale Cosmo
10"Lantana Luscious Royale Red Zone
10"Lobelia Hot Purple
10"Lobelia Laguna Dark Blue
10"Lobelia Laguna Sky Blue
10" lophos mixed 
10"Lophospermum Lofos White
10"Lophospermum Lofos Wine Red
10"Mandevilla Sun Parasol Apricot
10"Mandevilla Sun Parasol Burgundy Original
10"Mandevilla Sun Parasol Garden Crimson
10"Mandevilla Sun Parasol Giant Crimson
10"Mandevilla Sun Parasol Giant Dark Pink
10"Mandevilla Sun Parasol Stars & Stripes Orig
10"mix (see list below)
10"mix houseplant
10"Pansy Cool Wave Mix
10"pansy cool wave raspberry
10"pansy wonderfall blue picotee
10"Petchoa Supercal Bordeaux
10"Petchoa Supercal Caramel Yellow
10"Petchoa Supercal Cinnamon
10"Petchoa Supercal French Vanilla
10"Petchoa Supercal Lavender Star
10"Petunia Amore Heart & Soul
10"Petunia Amore King of Hearts
10"Petunia Amore Queen of Hearts
10"Petunia Big Deal Chocolate Cherries
10"Petunia Cascadia Bicolor Cabernet
10"Petunia Cascadia Pitaya
10"Petunia Crazytunia Berry Frappe
10"Petunia Crazytunia Black Mamba
10"Petunia Crazytunia Blackberry Jam
10"Petunia Crazytunia Cherries Jubilee
10"Petunia Crazytunia Lucky Lilac
10"Petunia Crazytunia Passion Punch
10"Petunia Crazytunia Peach Bellini
10"Petunia Crazytunia Pinkadelic
10"Petunia Crazytunia Spider Girl
10"Petunia Crazytunia Ultra Violet
10"Petunia Easy Wave Blue
10"petunia enchanted sky
10"Petunia EW Lavender Sky Blue
10"Petunia EW Red
10"Petunia EW Rosy Dawn
10"Petunia EW Silver
10"Petunia EW Yellow
10"Petunia Headliner Electric Purple Sky
10"Petunia Headliner Night Sky
10"Petunia Headliner Pink Sky
10"Petunia Headliner Starry Sky Burgundy
10"petunia mainstage glacier sky
10"Petunia Pinkerbelle
10"petunia pottunia blueberry muffin
10"petunia pottunia dark red
10"petunia pottunia yellowstone
10"Petunia Ray Sunflower Imp.
10"Petunia Sanguna dekko red
10"Petunia Sanguna Patio Radiant Dark Blue
10"Petunia Sanguna Pink Vein
10"Petunia Shock Wave Purple Tie Dye
10"Petunia S-tunia Giant Pink
10"Petunia S-tunia Honey
10"Petunia S-tunia Mini Indigo
10"Petunia S-tunia MiniVista Indigo
10"Petunia S-tunia MiniVista Sangria
10"Petunia S-tunia Mulberry Charm
10"Petunia S-tunia Picasso In Purple
10"Petunia S-tunia Raspberry Rush
10"Petunia S-tunia Really Red
10"Petunia S-tunia Royal Velvet
10"Petunia S-tunia Vista Bubblegum
10"Petunia S-tunia Vista Fuchsia
10"Petunia S-tunia Vista Silverberry
10"Petunia S-tunia White
10"Petunia Surprise Sparkle Red
10"petunia sweetunia fiona flash
10"Petunia Sweetunia Johnny Flame
10"petunia sweetunia miss marvelous
10"petunia wave purple
10"Portulaca Pazzaz Red Flare
10"Portulaca Pazzaz Vivid Yellow
10"Scaevola Bombay Dark Blue
10"Scaevola Purple Haze
10"Scaevola Scalora Brillant
10"Scaevola Surdiva Blue Violet
10"scaevola whirlwind blue
10"Strawberry ABZ Hanging Basket Elan
10"Strawberry Everbearing Gasana
10"Strawberry Everbearing Ruby Ann
10"Strawberry Everbearing Toscana
10"swedish ivy 
10"Thunbergia Arizona Brownie
10"Thunbergia Arizona Glow
10"Thunbergia Arizona Pink Beauty
10"Thunbergia Arizona Terra Cotta
10"Thunbergia Tangerine Slice A-Peel
10"Thunbergia TowerPower Orange
10"Tradescantia Wandering Jew RedSilver
12"bacopa calypso jumbo white
12"bacopa mix (pink, white, lavender)
12"Calibrachoa S-bell Cardinal Star
12"Calibrachoa S-bell Coral Sun
12"Calibrachoa S-bell Dbl Blue
12"Calibrachoa S-bell Dbl Ruby
12"Calibrachoa S-bell Double Orange
12"Calibrachoa S-bell Lemon Slice
12"Calibrachoa S-bell Pink
12"Calibrachoa S-bell Yellow
12"Dipladenia Sundenia Coral
12"Dipladenia Sundenia Red
12"Geranium Calliope Lg Burgundy
12" Geranium Calliope Lg Coral
12"Geranium Calliope Lg Dark Red
12" Geranium Calliope Lg Hot Pink
12" Geranium Calliope Lg Hot Rose
12" Geranium Calliope Lg Lavender
12" Geranium Calliope Lg Lavender Splash
12" Geranium Calliope Lg Magenta
12" Geranium Calliope Lg Orange Splash
12" Geranium Calliope Lg Pink
12" Geranium Calliope Lg Rose Mega Splash
12" Geranium Calliope Lg Salmon
12"Geranium Calliope Lg Scarlet Fire
12"Lantana Luscious Berry Blend
12"Lantana Luscious Marmalade
12"Lantana Luscious Royale Cosmo
12"Lantana Luscious Royale Pina Colada
12"Lobelia Laguna dark blue
12"lophos mixed 
12"Lophospermum Lofos White
12"Lophospermum Lofos Wine Red
12"mandevilla sun parasol apricot
12"Petunia Cascadia Pitaya
12"Petunia Crazytunia Black Mamba
12"Petunia Crazytunia Spider Girl
12" Petunia Easy Wave Blue
12"petunia enchanted sky
12"Petunia EW Lavender Sky Blue
12"Petunia EW Red
12"Petunia EW Rosy Dawn
12"Petunia EW Silver
12"Petunia EW Yellow
12"Petunia Headliner Prem. Night Sky
12"Petunia Headliner Prem. Pink Sky
12"Petunia Headliner Starry Sky Burgundy
12"petunia pottunia blueberry muffin
12"petunia pottunia dark red
12"petunia pottunia yellowstone
12"Petunia Shock Wave Purple Tie Dye
12"Petunia S-tunia Giant Pink
12"Petunia S-tunia Honey
12"Petunia S-tunia Mini Indigo
12"Petunia S-tunia MiniVista Indigo
12"Petunia S-tunia MiniVista Sangria
12"Petunia S-tunia Mulberry Charm
12"Petunia S-tunia Picasso In Purple
12"Petunia S-tunia Raspberry Rush
12"Petunia S-tunia Really Red
12"Petunia S-tunia Royal Velvet
12"Petunia S-tunia Vista Bubblegum
12"Petunia S-tunia Vista Fuchsia
12"Petunia S-tunia Vista Silverberry
12"Petunia S-tunia White
12"Petunia Wave Purple
12"Scaevola Bombay Dark Blue
12"Scaevola Purple Haze
12"Scaevola Scalora Brillant
12"Thunbergia Tangerine Slice A-Peel
14" mixed

Mixed Basket listing
trixi chemical attraction
Trixi Combo Batting eye
Trixi Combo Berry Daring
trixi combo blueberry parfait
Trixi Combo Caribbean Cocktail
Trixi Combo Charged Up Cherry
Trixi Combo Daisy Dance
Trixi Combo Daisy Falls
Trixi Combo dbl Date
Trixi Combo Dbl Take
Trixi Combo Dbl The Heat
Trixi Combo Flirtini
Trixi Combo Geisha Girl
Trixi Combo Gold/Bold
Trixi Combo Hotter Than You Pink
Trixi Combo Liberty Bell
Trixi Combo Love Song
Trixi Combo Nightfall
Trixi Combo Old Glory
Trixi Combo On the Dbl
Trixi Combo Purple with a Purpose
Trixi Combo Raspberry Sorbet
Trixi Combo Twice as Nice
Trixi Combo Who Knew Orleans
Trixi Combo Written in the Stars Mix
trixi lip sync
trixi sky's the limit
Combo Imp. Sunpatiens Summer Salsa
Combo Petchoa Supercal Bonfire
Combo Chameleon Fairytale Mix
Combo Imp. Sunpatiens Best Friends
Conf Cupcake Party
Conf Fleur De Edna
Conf Glossy Mango
Conf Hi Colour Clash
Conf Hi Kona Kalani
Conf Hi Kona Mahalo
Conf Mountain'SMajesty
Conf Pineapple Punch
Conf Pumpkin Spice
Conf Rockin Sunset
Conf Shock Storm
Conf Sparkle Magenta
Conf Sparkle Purple
Conf Sparkle Red
Confetti Combo Bel Air Red
Confetti Combo Calypso
Confetti Combo Easter Basket
Confetti Combo Evening Safari
Confetti Combo Fireflash
Confetti Combo Great Falls
Confetti Combo Pismo Beach
Confetti Combo Purple Halo
Confetti Combo Season Opener
Confetti Combo Super Mom
K Kombo Beach Bound
K Kombo Beach Bum
K Kombo Blue Ridge
K Kombo Calibrachoa Cabrio Life is Highway
K Kombo Calibrachoa Callie Citrus Fire
K Kombo Calibrachoa Callie Color Wheel
K Kombo Calibrachoa Callie Patio Selfie
K Kombo Crushed Velvet
K Kombo Curb Appeal Imp.
K Kombo Hot Tamale
K Kombo In a Jam
K Kombo Lantana Banda Strawberry Daiquiri
K Kombo Lantana Bandana Lava Flow
K Kombo Lantana Bandana Lemon Meringue
K Kombo Lantana Bandana Lemon Squeeze
K Kombo Lantana Bandana Tequila Sunrise
K Kombo Little Piece of My Heart
K Kombo Love Bird
K Kombo Mermaid Tails
K Kombo Night in Pompeii
K Kombo Petunia Dekko Starfish
K Kombo Petunia Sanguna Punk Rock
K Kombo Picotee Passion
K Kombo Pink Flamingo
K Kombo Pink Limeaide
K Kombo Primary Perfection
K Kombo Sedona
K Kombo Southwestern Summer
K Kombo Spring Showers
K Kombo Spring Sunset
K Kombo Surfer Chick
K Kombo The Red Carpet
K Kombo Walk of Stars
K Kombo Wine Down
K Kombo World's Fair Imp.
kk curb appeal
kk fire and ice
kk spring breeze
Kwik Kombo Dekko Moody Blues Mix
Kwik Kombo Love Bird Mix
Kwik Kombo Rockets' Red Glare Mix
Kwik Kombo Sweet Sixteen Mix
Kwik Kombo Tropical Fruit Mix
Streamliner Above & Beyond
Streamliner Lilac Festival
Streamliner Sunglasses