Beet Chioggia Guardsmark 
Brocolli Premium Crop
Brussel Sprouts Franklin
Cabbage Chinese Tender Gold 
Cabbage Red Express 
Cabbage Late Flat Dutch
Cabbage Copenhagen
Cabbage Stonehead
Cabbage Ferry Round Dutch
Cantaloupe Athena75 Days. 5 to 6 lbs fruit. 
Cauliflower Amazing 70 Days. White dense heads spread 10" across.
Cauliflower Snow Crown 64 Days. Heads spread 8" across. 
Cauliflower Veronica  85 days. Lime green heads. milder sweeter flavor than regular cauliflower. 
Cucumber Sweeter Yet 48 Days. Burpless, sweet.
Cucumber Fanfare Hybrid 63 Days. Bush Slicing.
Cucumber Tanja 58 Days. Burpless Slicing. slim fruits. tender & crisp
Eggplant Hansel Hybrid 55 Days. fruit 2" to 10". few seeds
Gourd Daisy 
Gourd Galaxy of Stars 
Onion White Lisbon Bunching 
Pumpkin Orange Smoothie 90-110 days. fruit 5 to 8 lbs. 
Pepper New Ace Hybrid Green Bell 65 Days Deep Green & Large
Pepper Revolution Green Bell  72 Days blocky fruit
Pepper North Star Green Bell 60 Days 3 4 lobed blocky fruits
Pepper Red Chinease Giant Red Bell 73 Days Big, Sweet & Mild
Pepper Golden Calwonder Yellow Bell 72 days Smooth & Glossy
Pepper Yummy blend  Small Bell Mix Orange, Red, Yellow, 73 Days
Pepper Flexum Sweet Non Bell 65 Days ivory, Red
Pepper Pimento Swwet Non Bell 80 Days Deep Red
Pepper Sweet Bannana 66 Days sweet thick walled fruits 
Pepper Alma 70-80 Days Good to make into Paprika. Sweet
Pepper Chichimeca 60-63 Days Hot Pepper Good for stuffing & salsas
Pepper Tabago 85 Days Hot. Magenta Bright Red & Orange fruits. 
Pepper Hot Bannana 67 Days. Hot 6" to 8" long. Light Yellow to Red. 
Pepper Mariachi 66 Days. Mildly Hot Flavor good for cooking  grilling
Pepper Garden Salsa 73 Days. Hybrid Chile. Medium Hot
Pepper Hot Lemon 80 Days. Hot as a cayanne. Bright yellow.
Pepper Serrano  62 Days. Hot Dark Green
Pepper Early Jalapeno 72-75 Days. Hot Dark Green
Pepper Orange Blaze 65-70 Days. Orange Bell. larger fruit
Pepper Cajun Belle 60 Days. Bell with a mildly spicy flavor
Pepper Long Slim Cayenne 75 Days.  Very Hot. 
Pepper Naga Jolokia Pepper 160 Days. 1,001,300 Scoville heat units. Ghost chile. Hottest pepper in the world.
Pepper Poblano Hot 78 Days. Mildly hot. Called anchos when dried
Pepper Super Chili 85 Days. Small Grows in clusters. Very Hot.
Tomato Grapette 75 Days. Cherry sweet
Tomato SunSugar62 Days. Cherry Very Sweet Orange color.
Tomato Ultimate Opener 57 days. Like an early girl. sweet & juicy
Tomato Celebrity 70 Days. Doesn't need staking. 8oz globe shaped
Tomato Jetsetter  64 Days. Large 8oz fruits smooth & juicy
Tomato Super Fantastic70 Days. 10 oz meaty fruits
Tomato Health Kick 72 Days. Great anti-oxidant. 4oz paste, juicy.
Tomato Golden Jubilee 72 days. Golden orange. Good for juice.
Tomato Big Beef 73 Days. 9 to 16 oz fruit
Tomato Megabite 60 Days. compact plant. 4 to 6 oz fruit. great harvest
Tomato Husky Red 68 Days. Dwarf Plant. 6 oz fruit. extended harvest
Tomato Husky Red Cherry  65 Days. Dwarf plant. sweet cherry fruit
Tomato Cherry Falls 72 Days. Good for baskets. sweet
Tomato Heirloom Rainbow  70-86 days. 6 different varieties. green, red, purple, orange, bicolor, yellow & black.
Tomato Lizzano   63 Days. Great patio cherry tomato 
Tomato Terenzo 56 Days. tumbler type. sweet cherry. 
Rhubarb Victoria 
Squash Autumn Acorn Blend 
Squash Buttercup Space 
Squash Early Butternut 
Squash Taybelle 
Squash Vegetable Spaghetti
Strawberry Berry Basket Rose 
Strawberry Mignonette 
Zucchini Ambassador Hybrid 47 Days. High yields deep green.
Watermelon Sugar Baby